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Servicing Samford since 1997

We   are   a   locally   owned   and   operated   family   business   who   have   been   providing   computer   and IT   services   to   clients   in   the   Samford   Community   and   surrounds   for   over   20   years.   Our   office   is located in the heart of Samford Village in the Corporate Centre at 29 Main Street Samford. If   you   are   in   need   of   a   new   computer   or   laptop,   please   give   us   a   call   as   we   can   provide quality   custom   built   computers,   servers   and   business-grade   laptops.   We   also   are   Resellers   of Avast   Business   Cloudcare   and   Trend   Micro   antivirus   products.   We   stock   a   range   of   computer accessories   and   peripherals   as   well   as   many   types   of   cables   so   before   you   head   over   the mountain   to   get   what   you   need,   call   us   first   and   we   just   may   be   able   to   save   you   some   time and money.
Samford Computers
29 Main St Samford 4520     ph:07 3289 1414 / 07 3289 5700